15 Jul

New Website

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  • Posted by hptschupp

I’m delighted to announce that the new website pianofun.net is live! This newly designed WordPress website offers a more comprehensive understanding of piano playing and is built to foster student interactions. The site has a responsive design and is compatible with mobile devices in most parts. Some components such as the learning modules are 3rd party add-ons and are not 100% adaptable for smaller screen resolutions but all the texts, movies, photo albums and other elements should be rendered fine by mobile devices such as tablets, iPhones and Smart Phones.

This website will be made together with my students. They will be the main actors and contributors. I plan to shoot several movies and do extensive professional sound recordings. Each contribution also will result in a learning experience and motivational push since being an actor or actress in a movie needs some performance perfection.

This website is far from being complete and probably will never be since it will be constantly updated. I’m looking forward to assisting my students in their learning process but even more important, to have more fun when playing the piano by sharing their skills with others.

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