About me

Teacher’s Name: Hanspeter Tschupp
Instruments: Piano, Church Organ and Classical Guitar

Hanspeter TschuppBackground: Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and natural Sciences from the University of Zurich and Lucerne (Switzerland). Additional studies in Education, Pedagogic and Didactics. I pursued a career as a high school Math and Science Teacher for over 15 years. When moved to the US in 1990 I trained as a Pilot with instrument rating and managed a flight school for 16 years. Now I am a Web Designer, Movie Maker and Multimedia Specialist for notable local companies and Overseas Enterprises. I am fluent in 4 languages (German, French, English and Spanish).

Musical Experience: I have an extensive piano experience as a student, teacher, accompanist and performer. I also was a part time Church Organist for many years in Switzerland and at the Lutheran Church of Treasure Island.  In 1995-1996 I studied Organ, Piano and Composition at the St. Pete College and composed various pieces for piano and string ensemble. As a a composer I wrote numerous pieces for piano, organ and as well 2 school musicals. I’m also active as an Organ Builder and am a consultant for room acoustics for various halls and churches.

What I like about teaching music: Even if music and piano instruction during my last 50 years was only a part time job, beside math, science and aviation teaching, music was always one of my favorite engagements and passion. Here are my main goals for beeing a piano teacher:

• Bringing students to a high musical standard and continuous success by facilitating knowledge and skills.
• Letting the student have fun and experiencing a high level of aesthetic involvement.
• Teach the student thoroughly so he understands all parts of the subject in depth.
• Foster the student’s talents as well as supporting his personal goals towards admirable achievements.
• Being in good communication with the student and animating him for a higher level of creation and happiness.

Some of my compositions: