Pianofun Newsletter

A weekly Pianofun Newsletter will be sent to all of my piano and classical guitar students.

The newsletter contains performances, student’s repertoire and a showcase of current performances. It also covers student’s hobbies, cooking, recreational activities, sport, painting and crafting.

Pianofun Newsletter

The Pianofun Newsletter was created on the occasion of the Coronavirus lockdown but will be continued also when one to one lessons will be reestablished.

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family members in the best of health. The coronavirus has turned the world upside down and has dramatically changed our way of life. As the infection rate increased and countries went into lockdown, we all had to find creative and encouraging ways of coping with the new reality.

Working from home, temporarily reduced services and virtual events have become our answer to a disruptive crisis. While we hope that we can soon resume the full range of musical services and still observe the rules of social distancing, our events will continue to take place virtually until we can safely meet again. You will also find online activities that we propose in this newsletter.

Inaya's painting

I invite you to regularly consult our website as well as our social media channels Facebook and Youtube to learn more about our activities and the status of our music lessons.

Stay safe, healthy, and look after your loved ones.

All wanted to convey the message that even if you’re stuck at home, you can lift the world up by spreading positivity.

The following links are suggestions to temporarily replace the lab time of Westchase Music School. Please visit them so you can sharpen your skills and enhance your musical knowledge.

How to increase your sight reading -> Note Spotter

Sharpen your knowledge -> Piano Quizes

Tampa Composer -> Basic Music Theory

Junior Composer -> Written Test

Looking for a definition -> Music Dictionary

Should parents be involved while your child practices at home?

Parents sometimes have a tendency to either leave the child on his own or use incentives or even force as means of command. The question here is: What is the right attitude? How far should parental support go?

First of all we know that our kids are strong personalities and should be treated as such. For that reason it is always best to maintain good communication with the child and reach agreement in terms of practicing time and the way parental support is being performed.

Force has never been a good approach to foster motivation. Positive encouragement however is a good way to create a harmonic and productive atmosphere. Since music deals with harmony, the learning environment also should be harmonious.

Alicia and her mom Rosi assisting during a practicing session. Alicia practices one hour every day during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Also fruitful Learning any instrument calls for proper and complete understanding of the basic concepts. The same goes for piano education. For this reason I created this website, as a place to find answers to your questions albeit you might not be a musician. Feel free to browse through all the topics and send me an email in case you have a question.

Hanspeter Tschupp
Piano Teacher