One of the biggest obstacle for music students is the ability to read notes fast. For many learners, especially beginners, notes are kind of a mystery.  Not enough emphasis is laid on spotting those notes with adequate precision and velocity. To some degree it’s like trying to read texts without knowing the alphabet.

NotespotterHere the Notespotter Project comes into action. It is a simple program with the regular use of flash cards, computer apps and other aids.By using a control system students learn to spot notes on a step by step basis. While common mnemonics can be used in the beginning phase, direct spotting is trained systematically and is the actual key ingredient of the program.

Notespotter is designed as a game for music students that not only make the student better to read notes. It also will improve motivation in general and increase willingness to practice.

During an initial session with the parents, each student is tested for his present note spotter capability and he has then set his own goal that has to be reached by December 16th, 2019.

Students will be checked out once a week to verify the relative progress and a statistic with a visual graph will be kept for each student.

A stop watch with a countdown of 1 minute will be used during the weekly checkout.

Starting point of the red Graph shows the student’s note spotting capability at the beginning of the project. Then after his target is set, a black line will be drawn towards his selected goal. Numbers on the right show note spotting capacity in Notes per Minute.